We combine strategic thinking, distinctive design, and emerging technologies to deliver websites that consistently break new ground.

Our experience in design, practical usability, and functionality enables us to create compelling Drupal-powered websites that provide visitors with an exceptional user experience.

  • Drupal  Case  Study:  サイエンス誌  (Science  Magazine  Japan)

    サイエンス誌 (Science Magazine Japan) is AAAS' Japanese language website for Science Magazine.

    New Signature worked with American and Japanese stakeholders to define the requirements for the website, including strategic direction on how to engage target audiences in Japan. We also designed an improved editorial workflow that replaced a system that was largely offline. This change improved quality of the content and simplified the process–reducing the labor required to manage content translation and allowing content to be added more quickly. We selected Drupal as the platform for this website for many reasons including Drupal's strong internationalization capabilities.

  • Drupal  Case  Study:  I  Am  Working  America

    This microsite provides an interactive experience for visitors to declare their support for the rights of working Americans.

    New Signature designed and built IAmWorkingAmerica.org for Working America--community affiliate of the AFL-CIO. We built the website on the Drupal publishing platform to take advantage of Drupal's tight integration with 3rd party social media websites, flexibility to handle data input from website visitors, customized workflow for backend Administrators, and ability to scale under high load.

    New Signature also utilized a number of other technologies to power the site including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and JSON for real-time AJAX based site updates.

  • Drupal  Case  Study:  AAAS  MemberCentral

    AAAS Membercentral screenshot

    AAAS MemberCentral provides a new channel to showcase original and syndicated content from Science magazine to AAAS’ 100,000+ members.

    New Signature built MemberCentral on a Drupal 6 foundation. Drupal’s flexibility and sophistication made it the perfect platform to highlight AAAS activities and foster community among members.

    To support these goals, the site features a diverse array of original content, including webinars, videos, podcasts and blogs. In addition, we developed a custom “paywall” module to engage potential members and encourage subscriptions. We also integrated the Solr search platform to provide powerful full-text faceted search, hit highlighting and rich document handling, and integrated OpenID to ensure user registration workflow was seamless.

  • Drupal  Case  Study:  Center  for  a  New  American  Security

    New Signature worked with the Center for a New American Security through our process-driven approach to build a new site on an aggressive timetable.

    The key requirement for the Center for a New American Security was a website that could make 4,500+ pages of contextually related text and multimedia content easy to manage and highly accessible. To address this we customized a robust search powered by a Google Mini Appliance.

    We built the website on Drupal and used jQuery to provide substantial interactivity. We used "topic hubs" to provide contextually related information on nearly every page — exposing visitors to a vast array of content in an intuitive fashion. We also worked with CNAS to develop a series of content specific blogs.

  • Drupal  Case  Study:  Oceana  Store

    New Signature worked with Oceana to create the visual design for the Adopt-A-Creature store.

    We then built the solution using Ubercart–an open source e-commerce shopping cart that fully integrates with Drupal. To reduce the workload on Oceana’s staff New Signature integrated Ubercart with ActionKit (a flexible, reliable software for online advocacy) and automated transmission of order information to fulfillment. Using the website you can adopt a creature (such as a shark, dolphin, sea turtle, octopus, or penguin) for yourself or for a loved one.

Giving   Back

New Signature gives back to the Drupal community with bug fixes, contributed modules and financial support to the Drupal Association. If you have time, check out Drupal Most Popular—one of the open-source projects we maintain.